A Concealing, A Revealing

By Gabriella Achadinha

Summer 2020 Issue

‘A Concealing, A Revealing’ focuses on both the power of landscape / urbanscape in exposing societal context whilst also preserving the anonymity of individuals inhabiting these spaces. 

Street photography has always been a preferred field of photography, the way in which one’s surroundings forces you to pay attention – the figures, environment, composition, shadows, movement. Void of planned stylisation, the there and now sets the scene. 

However, one issue would continually rise up and that would be the question of consent and privacy. These figures have their identities associated with a particular place and time that is somewhat cemented, these photographs being a particular Proof of Life.

This series incorporates strokes to blur facial identity, allowing a faceless figure to occupy a space and represent an idea as a whole, precariously balancing on this debate.

These images were taken over three years in Porto, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Seoul and Osaka. Shot on a Nikon D810.

Gabriella Achadinha resides in Berlin, and is originally from South Africa. Having worked in the film industry for the past eight years, in wardrobe, production and photography, her photographic work has always been heavily influenced by cinema. Through focus on the framing and composition of cinematography muses, she is drawn to scenes of individual stillness and contemplation in spaces of chaos, all the color, the unbridled emotion and otherworldly locations.