By Telo Hoy

Fall 2020 Issue

“Schoolhouse” is a 2-channel sound composition comprised of sonic and musical field recordings. Beginning with a recording of me playing an old harmonium in a schoolhouse in Iceland, field recordings weave in and out, layering into a musical topography of both defined and undefined urban sounds. I experimented with the use of field recordings, both as environmental and musical elements. The idea of a “field recording” being of the lived world, instead of being from the perfected recording studio, is one that I am pondering throughout this piece. My intention was to begin with a familiar musical element, and continue by adding textures to create a sonic palette in which the musical and non-musical are indiscernible. 

Telo Hoy is a composer/percussionist and photographer based in Chicago. He is also the co-founder and an editor of The Documentarian.