By Elise Seigenthaler

Summer 2021 Issue

Pictured above: Birthday #1 (2018)

I hold onto time through photography while examining the subtleties of changes in people and between people through many exposures. After living two years away from my family and returning home, I was surprised how fast my younger sister had grown up. Suddenly, I felt like I had missed her last moments of childhood which I never realized would actually come to an end. I dove into our family archive to look back at those moments that had fled so fast. I assembled images from my archive which includes drawings and family snapshots. In an attempt to blur the memories, I manipulate the drawings and images to reveal and hide, mimicking the way we hold onto certain moments of the past.

Maman (2018)
Pink Balloon (2018)
Birthday #5 (2018)
Swan Lake (2018)

Elise Seigenthaler is a French-American fine art photographer based in Chicago, IL.